The Saint Andrew's Panel

Commissioned by the St. Andrew's Fund for Scots Heraldry in 2005 and completed in July 2006  the panel measures 17" X 23" it is on calf skin vellum stretched over board.

It took 25 days to design and execute, approximately 200 hours work. The panel is the largest and most detailed painting Andrew has produced.

Andrew says of it,"This work represent the sum total of 26 years study and practice of heraldic art thus far. It is to me an important point in my career, a point where I needed to express just what it is I have understood, what it is I wanted to say about the state of the craft in general and what it says about myself as an heraldic artist. The need to make a definitive statement was paramount. I hope that all who view it will be drawn in to the timeless reflective quality I have tried to achieve and ponder the arms as the 'quietly noble' ensigns of a proud nation. I am thankful to the Trust for giving me the opportunity to express myself in this manner."


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